Aktun-Ha - Car Wash

Aktun-Ha (cave-water in Maya) or the Car Wash (as local taxi drivers used to wash their cars here) is also by the Tulum- Coba road. The entrance looks like a little lake but if you submerge in it, you will find yourself in a tropical fish tank.

Aktun-Ha | Car Wash

  • Max, depth: 15 m / 45 ft
  • Water temp.: 25°C / 77 F
  • Visibility: 100 m / 300 ft+

The bigger cavern area is in the up-stream section. There is no permanent guide line, it has to be placed by your guide. There are some big stalactites and columns, painted brownish by the tannic-acid content of the water, but the most beautiful is the view of the entrance from inside with the big trunks and branches of trees fallen in the water.

For certified cave divers, the nicest part is the "Room of tears" in the upstream section. This part of the cave is extremely fragile, take special care! The downstream passage has a very small cavern area, with a lot of dark sediment, and if you keep swimming downstream in the cave, it will not change much.